Try it yourself

Step 1: Create your access control query

Select Network

Select the network you want to use.

Access requirements

Select your requirement type.

A comma separated list of token ids when using a multi asset contract.
Should be

Step 2: Define policies (optional)

Comma separated list of other policies your dApp may have. For example: 'Cookie policy, Refund policy'

Access control query:

  network: ghostnet,
  parameters: {
    pkh: This will be the connected wallet address,
  test: {
    contractAddress: KT...,
    tokenIds: [0],
    checkTimeConstraint: false,
    type: nft,
    comparator: >=,
    value: 1

Step 3: Connect, sign and agree to policies

Step 4: Test if you have access

Connect and sign the message before trying to request the resource